Solution Legalize Housing


Allow more housing in every neighborhood, especially historically affluent and exclusionary neighborhoods, removing barriers to both subsidized affordable and market rate housing

American neighborhoods are defined by exclusion. Our system of exclusionary zoning bans duplexes, apartments, subsidized affordable housing, student housing and more in most “residential” areas. Excluding these types of residences keeps neighborhoods homogeneous and makes housing more expensive. YIMBYs advocate for the end of this ban on apartments and other kinds of housing; we want to end exclusionary zoning (aka “upzone”). 

Upzoning is especially important in wealthy, high-opportunity neighborhoods where current zoning laws reinforce racial and class segregation.

Policies we have advocated for in this category include density bonuses, legalizing Accessory Dwelling Units (aka granny flats), California’s More HOMES Act (SB 50), and zoning overlays.