Press Coverage

Press Coverage

As Central Florida grows, Orlando YIMBY aims to be at the table to push for the creation of more plentiful and dense housing.

YIMBY Tampa stands for yes in my backyard. We’re a chapter of a national group called YIMBY Action. We are here to help our neighbors get used to saying yes to more diverse, affordable and equitable housing options in our communities.

The Silicon Valley town of Woodside declared itself a mountain lion habitat, preventing new duplexes under a state law. Facing ridicule and the threat of legal action, officials backed down.

Local organizers demanded more money for affordable housing across Atlanta.

Zoning reform is looking viable in Northern Virginia

Greater Greater Washington • May 18, 2022

As Missing Middle progresses in Arlington, it will be interesting to see how competitive — and serious — Alexandria’s leaders are about zoning reform.

Four Years Among the NIMBYs

The Atlantic • May 12, 2022

The NIMBY tide is finally beginning to recede in the state and the city, thanks to activism and the rise of YIMBY elected officials.

Haney tapped into a shift that has been underway for many years, particularly among younger progressives... many believe that building more housing, at all price levels, is needed to combat the affordability crisis and prevent urban sprawl that increases emissions from cars.

Residents Form Group to Advocate for Housing Affordability

Alexandria Living Magazine • April 19, 2022

We think growth is good. We think communities are like a living thing, dynamic and if you try to stop a community from changing it will just die over time, slowly and painfully

Orlando YIMBY is making civic activism cool

Orlando Sentinel • April 15, 2022

YIMBY members don’t look at the sad state of affairs and sigh. They look at what works in other places and try to make it happen here.

Surely, a middle-class family that had purchased a starter house several years ago would have no trouble buying a larger home to accommodate a shift to working from home and a new baby.