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Tia Stone

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Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Housing story

As a child of an all Black family, I grew up watching my family struggle to make their way out of West Las Vegas, the segregated Black community, and purchase homes in affluentneighborhoods. I’ve seen firsthand the redlining still happening in today’s real estate process. Las Vegas is also the number 2 fastest growing city in the country as people flee their cities in the post-pandemic economy. Las Vegas has not met the increasing demand for housing, allowing new residents with high incomes, many of whom are cash buyers, to sweep up homes in the neighborhoods with the most resources. This has caused a massive increase in home and rent prices, making it harder for locals to afford housing. New reports show the average person now needs to work 2.5 full time jobs to afford the average rent in Las Vegas.


Tia Stone joined YIMBY Action as the Senior Manager of Membership in June 2023. Her background is in community engagement, marketing, and volunteer management. Though new to the pro-housing movement, Tia has been in the thick of equity and justice-centered work as an organizer in the Black Lives Matter movement in which she worked on protest and policy organizing and coalition building around local cases and policies upholding police brutality. She also spent years in sexual violence and human trafficking work, working as a director for a local nonprofit where she became a certified Victim Advocate heavily focused on the importance of healing-centered and trauma-informed approaches to working not only in victim advocacy but all justice and equity work.