Digital and Design Director

Julia Teitelbaum

Current Home
Alameda, CA
Denver, CO

Housing story

I spent three years in the living room of a shared apartment and commuting three hours a day to have affordable rent. I spent a year living as a nomad to save on housing costs. Now, I consider myself lucky to have found an apartment with an unreliable refrigerator, leaking tub, and unresponsive landlord. I want housing abundance to give power back to renters and aspiring first-time homeowners!


Julia Teitelbaum has worked in design and technology for more than ten years. Julia designed digital products for companies including General Electric and Cisco. After volunteering with YIMBY Action for a few years, she joined staff in 2020, working to advance the YIMBY movement through her technology and digital design skills. Her work includes brand stewardship, service design, website management, data management, and automation. She holds a degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Information Systems & Human-Computer Interaction, with a minor in Communication Design.