San Francisco Organizing Director

Jane Natoli

Compliance Governance Lead, Lithic

Current Home
San Francisco, CA
Montclair, VA

Housing story

I moved to San Francisco for a job, but I also came here because it is the kind of city where I could be myself fully and without reservation as an out trans woman. I’ve made so many friends and watched them leave because it costs too much to live here.


Jane has been a YIMBY since 2016, when she helped found the chapter Grow the Richmond. In addition to serving on the YIMBY Action board, she serves on the boards of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the SF LGBT Center. She also serves on the Citizens’ General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee. Professionally, Jane is a Financial Crimes Investigator at Stripe, where she conducts anti-money laundering Investigations. Prior to that, she worked in the same capacity at Wells Fargo.

Why Housing Matters

Everyone who wants the opportunity to live someplace should have it and that means providing safe and affordable homes for everyone.

Why I Support YIMBY

I started showing up because the message matters, but I kept showing up because the people I get to do advocacy with every day. It’s a hard challenge, trying to get our cities to build more homes, to make the process more equitable and make it take less time because that hurts everyone, especially our most vulnerable citizens, and doing that kind of advocacy has its ups and downs. It’s great to have a group of folks to celebrate with, or commiserate with, depending on the day, and that’s what YIMBY Action is.