Jaclynn Garry

Operations Associate

Jaclynn Garry
Current Home
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Perry, Ohio

Housing story

Jaclynn is a former Bay Area science teacher, who transitioned into the YIMBY movement after contending with sky-high rents in her neighborhood. As a teacher she observed a harmful cycle for the neighborhood; excellent teachers were driven out of their homes in an effort to find more affordable housing in other school districts. As a teacher-leader, Jaclynn supported students and their families who also experienced the effects of housing scarcity. She became a YIMBY because she sees the housing shortage as a root cause of many of the issues we experience in education and in our neighborhoods.


Jaclynn brings a diverse background to her position at YIMBY Action. In her role as an Operations Associate, she draws on her extensive experience in teacher leadership and operations across various sectors including construction, logistics, and non-profits. In her capacity at YIMBY, she focuses on operations and project management to create a healthy and efficient organization that can better serve the pro-housing movement. She has a Bachelor of Science. from Wittenberg University and a Masters of Education Degree in Policy and Administration from Loyola Marymount University.