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Courtney Porcella

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Housing story

Today, I live one city away from where I grew up. When it comes to housing, my hometown is often vilified by my current neighbors – too many people, too many apartments, and not enough wealth aka “we don’t want to be the next Lynn.” But I view it as an example of how diversity both in population and housing typology enriches the fabric of our neighborhoods. After seeing just how fierce the opposition to housing is, I became a vocal YIMBY, advocating for density in the suburban city I call home.


Courtney has worked in the housing and real estate development space for five years. Before joining YIMBY Action, Courtney led the growth team at coUrbanize, a community engagement platform that empowers more people to have a say in what gets built in their neighborhood. She is also a frequent contributor writer, covering real estate development, green buildings, and of course, housing solutions. She is growing our membership of developers, architects, land use attorneys, and other key stakeholders in the building industry.