Event Coordinator

Brittany Williams

Current Home
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA

Housing story

I moved to San Francisco to pursue my career in landscape design and quickly realized that, even on what would have been considered a good salary back home, I could not afford a place to live in the Bay Area that wouldn’t require a four hour commute. So, I couch surfed, shared a house with 10 people, and rented a converted garage studio. When I made the decision to leave my corporate job to pursue my passion for for equity work, I could no longer afford a place to live and moved home to Atlanta.


Brittany left the corporate design industry to pursue work in equitable housing development in 2019. As a community organizer, she worked with local organizations, leaders and grassroots groups to address racial inequity in design, development and city growth. She joined the Atlanta chapter of YIMBY Action as a volunteer in 2021, wanting to focus on abundance and accessibility of housing. Brittany helped build coalition and people power to grow the pro-housing movement in the Atlanta Metro area. To help grow the movement nationwide, Brittany joined the YIMBY Action staff as the Development Associate in 2022. She holds a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design from The University of Georgia.

Why I Support YIMBY

I don’t want to see Atlanta become an inaccessible city that won’t make room for old and new residents. I want to see Atlanta and cities across the country believe in abundance.