More Ways To Give

If giving online isn’t right for you, we have many other options for ways to give.

Make checks payable to YIMBY Action and mail to:

YIMBY Action
2261 Market Street, Suite 10406
San Francisco, CA 94114

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation, we encourage you to give to YIMBY Action’s affiliated 501(c)(3), Yes In My Back Yard.

501(c)(3) funds are less flexible for the pro-housing cause because they may not be used on political activities and lobbying critical to the success of the movement. However, 501(c)(3) donations may be used for education, administrative advocacy, legal enforcement, and other non-political activities that are also critical.

Donations to our affiliated 501(c)(3), Yes In My Back Yard, are eligible for employer matching through Benevity, Brightfunds, or other employer giving portals. Find Yes In My Back Yard at Tax ID 32-0610451. Contact [email protected] if you need more information to list Yes In My Back Yard in your giving portal.

Our affiliated 501(c)(3), Yes In My Back Yard, accepts stock donations. Provide your brokerage account with the following information to authorize a Charitable Gift Transfer:

Account Title: Yes In My Back Yard
Receiving Account Number: 5494-7346
Receiving Firm: Charles Schwab
DTC Number: 0164
Contact Name: Gillian Pressman
Contact Number: 914-874-4973

Contact [email protected] to learn more about current and future programs, as well as how we are partnering with foundations to advance thought leadership and field building.

Call your donor advised fund to recommend a gift to our affiliated 501(c)(3), Yes In My Back Yard (Tax ID: 32-0610451).

If you would like to directly wire a donation, please email [email protected]

Or, Donate Online Now

I love to meet with potential donors to help you learn more about YIMBY.

Gillian Pressman

Managing Director

Gillian Pressman