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Explanations for endorsements are below.

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Explanations for endorsements are below.

Endorsement Explanations

California State-wide Offices

Gavin Newsom

California Governor

Gavin Newsom for California Governor

In his tenure as Governor, Gavin Newsom has signed a beautiful flurry of pro-housing bills. Most recently, he signed AB 2907, which eliminated parking mandates on sites near transit. Not to mention SB 9 and 10, which repealed single-family zoning throughout the state. We are proud to endorse him, and look forward to four more years of his leadership.


California Attorney General

Rob Bonta for California Attorney General

Rob Bonta has brought an unprecedented passion for enforcing state housing law to the Attorney General’s office. His leadership of the Housing Accountability Unit and his dedication to protecting pro-housing legislation from NIMBY nonsense has earned him the title Housing Champion.

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  • East Bay YIMBY

California State Senate


CA State Senate District 10

Aisha Wahab

Aisha Wahab is a strong advocate for Affordable Housing, streamlining housing permitting and making sure cities hit their state-mandated minimum housing goals (RHNA).

“California’s housing shortage requires action today. We must streamline the process of being able to build in every city, building homes for everyone in every community. This is especially important in wealthy, high opportunity communities.”
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  • East Bay YIMBY
  • South Bay YIMBY

California State Assembly



Eric Guerra

“We need to tackle the housing crisis by addressing housing affordability that is driven by the enormous lack of supply and failure to build more housing, including investments in permanent housing, rental assistance, and first-time homebuyer loans. California needs to increase all housing types, including market rate housing.”

CA State Assembly District 15

Buffy Wicks

Buffy Wicks showed Californians what true grit looks like when she took personal risk during shelter-in-place to show up on the Assembly floor with her newborn and speak up for SB 1120. From her first year in the Assembly, Assemblymember Wicks has led on housing issues, with keen insight on policy details that have an outsized impact on housing. Combined with the courage to move forward on important bills even when they face resistance, Buffy Wicks has become a crucial housing champion in Sacramento. She has authored and co-authored powerful bills on a broad range of housing issues, including a state-wide rental registry, housing element strengthening and important permit streamlining legislation, and dozens more. We need more legislators like Assemblymember Wicks, who see the human cost of our housing crisis, give it the attention it deserves, and fight to build the homes we need at a scale that counts.

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  • East Bay YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 17

Matt Haney

Assemblymember Matt Haney is delivering on his promise to be a strong pro-housing voice in Sacramento. In his first session as Assemblymember, Matt Haney was co-author of two key bills: AB 2097, removing costly parking minimums from buildings near transit; and AB 2053, introducing social housing to California. Haney has also been a consistent pro-housing vote, including for: AB 2011, legalizing housing in commercial districts; SB 886, streamlining university student housing; and AB 2221, accelerating ADU construction.

Finally, Haney’s provides an unequivocal and vocal support for HCD’s investigations into San Francisco’s violation of state housing laws and the state’s demands that San Francisco produce a credible Housing Element. Although we were disappointed that Haney supported Prop E at the DCCC, overall Haney has had a consistently pro-housing record in the Assembly, and we enthusiastically endorse him for another term.


CA State Assembly District 18

Mia Bonta

Mia Bonta is a consistent vote for housing, focused on the deep need for subsidized affordable housing and strong tenants protections. In her questionnaire, Mia told us:

In general, new housing should be built in traditionally single-family neighborhoods which held exclusionary zoning ordinances that discouraged growth and discriminated against people of color, and near transit hubs as a form of transit-oriented development to address the nexus between the climate crisis and transportation/vehicle miles traveled to and from employment. However, above all else, it is critical that new housing developments not fuel displacement and gentrification.
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  • East Bay YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 20

Shawn Kumagai

Shawn Kumagai will bring a strong pro-housing voice to Sacramento. His substantive policy chops are matched with a passion for building housing for all, which will make him an exceptional leader on housing in the State Legislature.

“We need more homes in communities across California. We need an all-of-the-above strategy, including permanant supportive housing for previously unhoused or at-risk individuals, affordable by design, middle income rental units and more. Every community needs to step up to build the inclusive future we want for California.”
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  • Evolve Tri-Valley
  • East Bay YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 23

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is a proud, full-throated supporter of landmark housing legislation to end exclusionary zoning. With roots in Palo Alto, Assemblymember Berman understands that it is not sustainable for communities to keep saying ‘no’ to new housing as the housing crisis continues. Assemblymember Berman believes in supporting cities to build the homes their communities so desperately need.

Assemblymember Berman has supported and co-authored bills that generate new funding for affordable housing, that streamline the approval process of certain urban infill projects, and that set baseline standards for zoning. With his in-depth technical expertise and legislative skill, Assemblymember Berman is helping the state make huge strides in ending the housing crisis.

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  • Peninsula for Everyone
  • Mountain View YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 24

Alex Lee

Alex Lee is one of only two renters serving in the California State Assembly, and his commitment to advocating for those most damaged by the housing shortage is second to none. As a strong supporter of every major pro-housing bill, every major push for tenant protections, and every effort to increase funding for affordable housing, Assemblymember Lee has been a steadfast housing champion.

Alex has supported upzoning bills like SB 50 and SB 9, while also authoring legislation to enable Social Housing and fighting to curb Ellis Act evictions. Assemblymember Lee is a legislator that truly supports “all of the above” solutions and proves that “both-and” can be more than just rhetoric.

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  • South Bay YIMBY
  • East Bay YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 25

Ash Kalra

Ash Kalra has been a consistent progressive vote for housing and tenant protections. His strong public support of bills such as SB 9, AB 1401 and co-authoring of SB50 and AB 854 highlight his strong positions on housing. As a member of the Committee on Housing and Community Development, Ash Kalra has relentlessly pushed for housing. He is more than willing to publicly call out local governments who operate with bad faith housing actions as examples of why strong state action is a required part of the solution for our housing crisis.

As a strong champion of justice, equity & progressive policies, YIMBY Action values Ash Karla’s well versed intersectional views of housing in relation to public health outcomes, transportation, racial justice, climate change and more. His championing of resources for the unhoused population highlights how he goes above and beyond to center those most affected by our housing crisis.

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  • South Bay YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 26

Evan Low

Evan Low has tremendously flexed his housing muscles by supporting SB 50, SB9, SB10, AB 1401 and virtually every housing bill that has come his way in the past several years. His solid voting record, and partnership with local housing organizations in his district—such as Cupertino for All–demonstrates a willingness to be a champion, despite representing a district that includes the traditionally housing-adverse communities of Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Willow Glen, and Campbell.

YIMBYs should work to elect more legislators like Evan–those willing to take risks, while also having difficult, culturally-sensitive conversations with their constituents.

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  • South Bay YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 28

Gail Pellerin

Gail Pellerin is new to housing, but is fired up about building an inclusive California with housing for all. Gail has cited tackling our housing shortage as a top legislative priority. She is committed to finding policy solutions to create more housing for the middle class, increase funding for low-income and supportive housing, and improve public transit and active transportation infrastructure to make our cities more climate friendly.

“The good news for the pro-housing movement is that the tide is turning. People are realizing that the fabric of our community is determined by housing. If we want to support the teachers, the people who work in our community, we need to make serious policy changes and build more homes.”
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  • South Bay YIMBY
  • Santa Cruz YIMBY

CA State Assembly District 29

Robert Rivas

Assemblymember Robert Rivas is a true housing champion in the legislature. He has sponsored numerous YIMBY Action priority bills including SB 9 and SB 50 and has advanced other bills related to zoning reform, permit streamlining, and increasing funding for affordable housing. He is deeply committed to safe, affordable housing for all of his constituents from middle class families to farmworkers.

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  • South Bay YIMBY
  • Santa Cruz YIMBY

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