Blog Statement: YIMBY Action Congratulates Senator Scott Wiener On Appointment As Senate Budget Chair

YIMBY Action extends congratulations to long-time YIMBY advocate Senator Scott Wiener on his new role as Senate Budget Chair. We hope to see even more YIMBY-endorsed candidates like Senator Wiener rise to new leadership roles that will allow them to make a bigger impact in their pro-housing work.

Feb. 8, 2024

SACRAMENTO, CA – YIMBY Action extends its heartfelt congratulations to Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) on his appointment as Senate Budget Chair. This pivotal role underscores Senator Wiener's exemplary leadership and offers a significant opportunity to advance pro-housing policies in California.

Senator Wiener was the first candidate YIMBY Action endorsed in 2016 for his first term as Senator. He was elected to the Senate on a pro-housing platform, proving that running as a YIMBY in San Francisco was not only possible, but a winning strategy.

Senator Wiener has tackled California's housing shortage head-on, consistently passing laws to make it easier to build housing. YIMBY proudly supported Senator Wiener’s SB 35, which created streamlined approval processes for housing when cities don’t meet their Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) goals. It has already resulted in over 18,000 new affordable homes. SB 423, which extends and expands SB 35’s provisions, passed in 2023 and will open up additional possibilities for more streamlined housing across the state. He’s authored and co-authored dozens of other critical housing laws that YIMBY Action supported and are working hard to implement in cities and counties across the state.

Over the last year, more and more YIMBY-endorsed elected officials have risen to important leadership roles in the Legislature. Assemblymember Rob Rivas (D-Hollister), a longtime champion of farmworker housing, became Assembly Speaker in 2023. He then appointed Assemblymember Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) Chair of the powerful Assembly Appropriations Committee. Assemblymember Wicks authored the transformative AB 2011, which allows more housing to be built in commercial corridors and which YIMBY Action was proud to support. Senator Wiener joins these housing champions in this important leadership role.

As he assumes the role of Senate Budget Chair, we eagerly anticipate the continuation of Senator Wiener's pro-housing work. With his expertise and vision, we are confident that he will drive meaningful progress in addressing the pressing challenges facing our communities.

“We’re beyond thrilled that Senator Wiener has been appointed Senate Budget Chair,” said Laura Foote, Executive Director of YIMBY Action. “It’s a bit emotional to see the first elected official to recognize the power and righteousness of the pro-housing movement take on this critical leadership role. It demonstrates Senate Pro Tem McGuire and the state’s ongoing commitment to addressing our housing shortage. Santor Wiener’s efforts to make it easier to build housing will foster inclusive communities and create a brighter future for all Californians. We look forward to working collaboratively with him and his team to achieve our shared goals.”